What happen if you add a little thing on your ads?

Printed Ads + Mobile

Today everyone uses a smart phone and those who does not have will get one soon. There is no doubt that everything is going mobile. So why not combine your printed ads with our business directory and give more exposure to your advertisers.

Case of study

Christine was waiting to change the oil of her car when she saw an ad for 50% off to yoga classes. She did not have nothing to write down but she did scan the QR code and accessed more than she needed.

Perfect for Local and Community Magazines

If you are a publisher and run a local, community or any periodic magazine that sells ads, this service is perfect for you. Creating ads with a QR code that gives access to more information is a plus and will give more exposure for your advertisers.

"I was waiting at the doctors office when I saw the ad for the attorney. Was very easy to scan and have all information on my phone"

"My customers told me that really helps getting drive directions to my business after scan the ad. Just tap your phone"

"As a self employer and an advertiser, I am geting more leads after using. The printed ads combined with mobile using yooplist really works."

Easy to view your members

Your unique URL give you access to your list, members listing, QR codes and history of members that you added or removed. See a sample here Check Here

How It Works



Creat a Publisher account. You have 8 plans to choose. Pick a plan that is perfect for you Here.



From day one, your advertisers have access to their QR code in the member’s area or the publisher can make their QR using our tools. See here



Use the QR Code in your ads or any other project and make your advertisers happier.


You can add/remove members sending us an email using the same email account you used to signup. You can add/delete members up the number of your plan. You cannot delete the same member you added on the same month.

After you sent the request to remove a member we will remove from your list and contact the member by email give them an option to renew the subscription by their own. If the member does not renew, their account will be changed to free account. However, they can still using the QR code to access the page.

Yes. The better time to do is about 2 or 3 days before renew again

Notice! The Publisher's account is a special subscription for a group of ten (10) or more members. The purpose is to a single member sponsor the other accounts payng less per member. Although the sponsor pays for their account, the sponsor will not have control with their account.

Make your advertisers

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